Clam Shell Sealing

DPC Enterprises assets were purchased by Pro Pack Solutions in the Fall of 2019. DPC focused on contant heat clam shell sealers for the industry.

Clam shells keep your products clean, visable, and discourage theft.

Not all clam shells are made of the same material. We have noted some imported clam shells do not seal very well. We encourage you to send us sample clam shells prior to purchase.

The DPC line includes:

DPC-100 Multi Point Clamshell Sealer seals up to 4 points at the same time and is expandable to 6 or 8. The operator places the clam shell into the unit and lowers the top for 2-3 seconds to seal.

The DPC50 seals two points on one side at the same time. To seal additional sides, the operator seals and turns the clam shell 90 degrees. The DPC50 will hold up to five sets of sealing jaws. Optional wider jaws available.

The DPC10 is a single sealing point. Optional wider jaws available.


We have decided to discontinue the constant heat 6" E16M Bag Sealer and will offer them at a very competitive price until sold out. Visit our shopping cart by clicking the cart link at the top of the page.